Join us as we sail away from cancer!

We have all had cancer’s tendrils touch us in one way or another, so we are all going to work on this goal of ours, to raise $10,000 for Cancer Research so we can give back…as we race to Hawaii!

Supporting the BC Cancer Foundation.

Please join us on the 44′ Jeanneau yacht “Geminis Dream” as we race from Victoria to Maui in the “VicMaui” International Yacht Race in June of 2018! We are here because Shannon and her sister Nicole decided to buy a yacht and sail to Hawaii…because when you realize how short life can be, you must do what is so very important to you and your soul.
Shannon wants to show you that if you have a dream, such as "I want to sail in the Vic-Maui yacht race"...well, guess what, you can, and she is showing you how!  Nope, she has not been sailing all her life, nope, she is not a millionaire, (well, she is to herself, but not in that paper currency!) and nope, she has no group of handy-sailing-partner-logistics-team-shore-crew-promo-media-company-school behind her!  Just a normal person, and her sister, doing what really is...a personal goal achieved by doing it one step at a time!  Yep, a lot of steps, with cash outlay now and again, and questions to oneself, and sometimes no one around to help figure something out...but, we do it...because that is part of living life...set a determined goal...a goal you want to achieve, and you really can do it...and remember, have attitude determines whether it will be an ordeal or an adventure...and life should be an adventure...and hang on, as Geminis Dream heading to Hawaii will be an adventure!
Help us reach our goal of $10,000 for Cancer Research. The funds raised will go directly to the BC Cancer Foundation to allow the amazing research teams working towards curing cancer...thus ending the pain and suffering it causes.

Support Our Mission.

Any adventure this big has its share of unavoidable expenses...however, it's a choice we to do or not do an adventure: this is our Everest...we are living a dream!  So, the only sponsors we have had were unsolicited, and are Nick & Clare at PACIFIC WEST MECHANICAL & Luke & Warren at ICEBREAKER...BOTH THROUGH PURE GENEROSITY OF SOMEONE SAYING "I WANT TO HELP OUT SOMEHOW"...WE THANK YOU!!!