Thanks for helping us reach our goal

Sailing is a way to feel alive, racing with the wind, knowing we are in control, based on the choices we make. 
We are proud to have the following sponsors on board Geminis Dream. We will have exclusive pictures and live postings from the ocean while we slice through the waves.

And a BIG Thank You to all the individuals and their generous donations that go right to the Cancer Foundation, helping us raise money for Cancer Research!! You ROCK!!!
And hey, we are also hoping to show other women that even if we have never done it before, we sure can do it!

Look who's joined the journey :-)

Come along for the ride!

I started a Go Fund Me Page as I thought "if we can help promote companies whose name we will show off on ourselves and the boat...then maybe I can raise more money than my $10,000 goal for cancer research, as more people will see how committed we are"...but it did not fee right saying "give me money", when I am again healthy and have (most of) my wits about I have deleted the page...if you are a company that wants to truly share your product with us, we know you will want some promotion in return, and we aren't superstars, yet!!! 
So, for now, we will all travel the ocean, race our yacht, and share the goal of completing the race while giving it 110%!  And if you are with us, you are the best...and if you are not yet with us, come on and see how a newly formed team of women with a dream can make it happen!!