Meet the Dream Team.

We're an all-female sailing crew with a dream of doing the VicMaui International Yacht Race…the pinnacle of Pacific Ocean sailing!

Our goal is to make a difference.

We dream that we can make a difference in the world. We dream that we can share our strengths, our privileges, our knowledge…to make other lives better, more successful…and rewarding.

We are the second all-female crew to do the VicMaui, and we want to share with other women how we may use our inner strength, positive thinking, and second chances at life to do whatever we put our minds to. Sailing is a way to feel alive, racing with the wind, and knowing we are in control, based on the choices we make.

On Board Geminis Dream.

Geminis Dream is a French pedigreed sailboat, built by Jeanneau in France in 1991 and finished in 1992. She is 44′ long, has a 13’9″ wide beam and she draws 6’9″ at her keel. She is a big yacht that takes care of her crew!

Known as a Sun Odyssey 439, there are enough cabins to sleep up to eight sailors, with two heads and a shower room. There is a Nature’s Head composting toilet and a regular head; a propane stove, an Espar diesel heater, and an Efoy charger so my batteries never die!
She's a sleek, 44′ Jeanneau originally from France,  and now a Canadian registered vessel.

Destination Maui!

Join our adventure to compete in the Vic-Maui International Yacht Race. We have built a team of like-minded, strong and powerful women who want to sail to Hawaii! We will share our experiences, dreams, goals, and always positive attitude!