We are in it!!

We are day 4 now can you believe it!

35k winds and 12’-16’ from entrance (exit) from o Juan
– auto pilot engages and no steerage at Duntze rock & shipping lane! Our knees were shaking after about 30 seconds until we found it!
2 crew sick but ok now!

Quite a bit of ship traffic!

Ton of Food left as we are all still in snack mode!

All crew happy!!

Low flying navy “AR1” plane came low and hailed us and asked where our last port of call was and where are you heading!!

Today nice weather, 5.7kspeed and wind from about 120 degrees!


  • Aaarrr ☠️ Billy... That’s fantastic news ladies, keep up the great work - All of us landlubbers are on pins and needles watching and seeking updates any time you can give ‘em 🤓. We love all, and wish you fair winds and a quick current 🤗😘💙 -pete
  • Jackie Hartmann
    You guys Rock!!!! Tracking you 24/7!!!! Hugs to you guys!!! Jackie!!
  • Ross
  • Lynda Poirier
    Sounds fantastic. Looks like the winds will be in your favour. Sea sickness cripples my husband. He only feels better horizontal taking small sips of gator aid mixed with water. Saltine crackers too. Soon you will be enjoying the trades and the deep dark blue
  • Chris Huennekens
    Awesome! Rock on!

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