Sad, But Okay the Dream is Over!!

Bummer…Our in-mast furling item sheared from the luff groove portion…rendering the mainsail useless, as it would not turn, nor would it stay in. I feel so bad for my crew and our followers too…and wish the mast part had not sheared off inside the mast (between the roller and the luff groove foil). This cannot be fixed unless you take apart the mast, hard to do in stormy weather!

Glad it happened when it did as we rigged the storm trysail and we’re trucking along home…after some crazy weather!!

Ok off for my 4 hour shift!!!


We are on our way back to Victoria 🙁   All the crew is well and in good spirits, basically as we jury rigged it right away with the storm trysail…still 6oo miles from home…we had some very high winds these past few days 😉


We caught our first fish. Blue fin tuna! Having a blast!!!
We should still show up on Race Tracker!
We have washed hair with hot water lol and are going to BBQ pork chops shortly!!!
Next, let’s do some laundry !!


Raining and cooler as we get closer to home. We are dressed in full winter gear!!!  5 layers for me including 5 head garments!!
No stars or moon since day 1!
Otherwise very proud of my team and how we jumped into action as we realized sail was not rolling in at 25k wind!

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  • Lynda Poirier
    That is so frustrating, I had something similar happen on our boat- in bad conditions. The problem was is the size of the luff tape on our new sail had a number 6 and the French boats use a number 8 - fully unfurled the sail popped out of the track. To prevent this from happening we had to keep 2 wraps on the furler until I changed the tape. I am sorry I could not greet you all today - I tried but there were ferry overloads ( it's tourist season around here) I am so proud of all your effort and commitment and hope to see you cruising in the lower lats.

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