Pork Chops and Tuna!

We are in great spirits and just finished a pork chop meal with jasmine rice and vegetables!!

We caught two tuna and reeled them in by hand and then jumped around on the seats of cockpit excitedly wondering what to do next “get the vodka, or get a club” and it got away lol

We have been cruising along at 6 to 7 knots it’s crazy!! The trysail is awesome and we have the 150% Genny out and boom is strapped to the deck, can’t wait to send pics!!!

Warm wind as it is July, clouds are light…

All but one of us are “on the patch” of scopolamine: it has stopped any form of seasickness…however I saw “shore lights “ and creatures, and heard voices etc lol  I knew we weren’t there! And the one not on the patch is Karri, her and her husband and two teens soon head for full time cruising and she is soo ready! She can cook, fish, steer and tweak sails etc!!

Only a few more days and we will be in Victoria and a real shower lol (but of course women do not sweat like the men!) lol


We have changed off of Hawaiian time and now back on Vancouver time

Elaine is our newest crew member and is a doctor of lung diseases including cancer. She is also a long distance runner and is itching to go running, LOL as she does 25k runs weekly! So she figured out how to do push ups in the cockpit hah! Now the girls are challenging themselves!!!

Karri has taken to cruising like a second nature: catching fish, cooking, steering , and doing laundry!

We are doing some engine with sailing now as wind is dead in the Jose and seas flat calm, absolute opposite of our track out here I see us paralleling !!

More soon!


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