Welcome Aboard!

The first sail boat I ever sailed was a 16 foot Luger, a kit boat from the 1970s.  The main halyard snapped and we had to motor back to shore.  I knew absolutely nothing about sailing except what my husband and I had learned from a beginner sailing book.  Since then we have steadily worked towards our goal of sailing off into the sunset and never looking back.

I am excited and humbled to be a part of the Gemini’s Dream crew.  I get to learn from a set of gifted and adventurous women and sail my first ocean crossing!  The Vic-Maui and Geminis Dream are enabling me to make all my dreams come true.  Cheers! Karri


  • Ross Williams
    Good luck and fun journey !
  • Barbara Haylett
    Have a great time! Know we are following you and the crew across the ocean! Love ya, mom & dad

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