Every day really is awesome!

Healthy, never sick a day in my life, suddenly I am looking out the window of a hospital room…tubes in me while I pondered the “you have maybe a year”…So here I am, living each day and remembering my promise to myself in that hospital… as I watched the world go by, wishing I was out there without a care in the world…: “if I get out of here, I will always welcome what I face every day, as nothing out there can be worse than what is in here…”

So, I replaced a stressful job with one I love, and with my sister, bought the biggest sailboat we could handle, and decided: yep, gonna sail in the Vic-Maui yacht race, because I want to cross an ocean for the first time…with a bit of challenge along with it – and I decided I wanted to raise money for cancer research. I didn’t want a “gofundme page”, I don’t want people buying stuff for me, I want to challenge myself and then ask others to join vicariously…and donate with a tax receipt, to my cancer fundraising page…

Um, yeah, even though I tell myself that I don’t care about the race or winning….well…that’s not completely true, I have discovered I want to sail hard and hear the sleek cruiser-racer’s hull slicing through the water…and I want to win for me and everyone watching us!

Should I be offended that a world-class sailor called her a “furniture boat”, heh heh…Nah, she’s a boat that will take care of us, me and “my girls”, six of us women all crossing an ocean for the first time, we are super stoked and I am already proud of us!! So, in comfort and racy French style…and no matter what we face, we will sail that 2,300 nautical miles to Hawaii, while giving thanks every single day for being able to do what we are doing!

I want to sail and raise money to share my good fortune with the researchers and  doctors who saved me…and will help others get through it all too.

Thank you for sharing in my dream! I am so happy you are going to cheer us on!!


  • Shannon
    Shannon...wow so proud of you. Nicole was sharing your story and the amazing big sailing trip. Think this is incredible how you are pursuing this dream and also doing so much "good" in so many other ways. Life is precious, we need to seize the day and life to the fullest while lifting one another. You are doing just that! Shayne and I are sending you great vibes for this trip and doing a personal donation as well as one from the office. You go girl...we will be following the trip. Shannon xoxoxo
    • geminis
      Shannon, Thank You So Much....so glad you are alongside us watching the journey!! We have known you and Shayne a long time and you and also the "Trimble Office" have always been our favorite clients and people we know!! I hope you have a great summer and so glad you are sharing the adventure by tracking us and especially your donations, thank you!!!!
  • Ross Williams
    Great times Shannon ,this will be a trip for the books ,have fun !
  • Natalie & Norman Speckmaier
    The adventure of a lifetime for our amazing daughters who have succeeded so well at life. Here's yet another star in your crowns, doing something that means so much to you both. Congratulations on picking a great crew to help you across that expanse of ocean and to the accolades awaiting you in Maui. Good luck and smooth sailing. Much love from your Gemini mother (deck crew!) and Taurus father.

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