Life is short and precious, and should be lived with purpose! Every day we are thankful for the opportunity of living, really living... 

Making a Difference

We're Geminis Dream

We dream that we can make a difference in the world. We dream that we can share our strengths, our privileges, our knowledge…to make other lives better, more successful and rewarding. My Dream Team was inspired by a quick and potentially deadly cancer averted by women doctors specializing in “what I had”…that is when I realized: we all need to live our dreams, not dream away our lives.  We have built a team of like-minded, strong and powerful women who want to sail to Hawaii! We will share our experiences, dreams, goals, and always positive attitude! 

Shannon Rae. Skipper, Geminis Dream

Why ride  with us?

We can promote your brand’s inspiring motto, we can show your women followers, fans, consumers, and wives, that you will work towards building confidence in women, they only have to look at us, working with you: you are alongside us on this journey, as together, we raise money to keep others strong and alive.

Our Mission is to:

Cross an ocean for the first time!  All six of us have never done so, and here we are, doin' it!   We will also be the second all-female crew to compete in the Vic-Maui International Yacht Race: and want to inspire other women to do the same: "it's awesome out here"!  We are watching the Sea to Sky "Team Katy", and the "Sail Like a Girl" on the R2AK...we are doin' it!!!
Raise $ 10,000.00 for cancer research.
Encourage other women to follow their dreams.
Document the garbage and debris we see to bring awareness that "only throw it overboard if it's organic (meat, plant, paper, chicken, or egg ?!  etc), or has been through you!"